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CFMedia Community

Childfree Lifestyles in Media

Childfree and The Media
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Welcome to the CFMedia livejournal community!

Are you a childfree person who wants to talk about how CF/parents/children are characterized and portrayed in the entertainment media?

Whether its on TV, in Books and Magazines, or in the Movies, lets get together and talk about what we read and watch!

What this is NOT::

* a debate community:
this is a forum for childfree persons ONLY.
Childfree is defined as someone who is not, and never will be a parent or caretaker of a child. This is merely a place for the CF'ers to talk amongst their community about media related issues.

* a rant-only community:

while there will be strong opinions and disagreements there are PLENTY of other forums and journals to just go "sprog-moo-duhd" happy in. The primary objective of this community is to have actual discourse, not just ranting and venting.

**IF this isnt your cup of tea**

then feel free to explore other CF related livejournal communities:

WWW Links

NO Kidding!