Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign (systris) wrote in cfmedia,
Raequel, Rose Bride Empress Returned to Reign

Jumping the shark? Jumping the Cradle!

On Jump the Shark, they have a special catagory for shows that tanked when the writers put a pregnancy plot in the script.

this has been a particular bugaboo of mine for sometime, my two biggest disappointments are with Roseanne, when Darlene the most CF out of all the Conner clan gets knocked up, and with 90210's Gabrielle Carteris' character becoming pregnant....two of these characters were strong, independent,whipsmart women who i felt were tripped up by lazy writers who instead of deepening their roles, just slapped them with a baby, i guess i think that writers wanted these characters to be more "conformist" and not be the black sheep among the cast anymore but again i felt that these two deserved better than to become a primetime statistic.

anyone else have a jumping-the-cradle rant?
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